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Welcome, Weird Reader!

Hello there, weird readers!

My name is Carl E. Reed.

I am a writer of weird fiction and poetry.

Some years earlier, you may have found my writings on Penguin’s late, lamented Book Country and before Book Country pulled the plug on their own site. Shortly thereafter Amazon delisted all such Book Country material on their site. I suspect, however, that you have never heard of me—and why would you, really, given that there are now 10,000 agented writers for every active reader in North America? (Or so it seems these days.)

So, then—a word about my writing. My primary objective in practicing “the spooky art” (as Norman Mailer has termed the craft of fiction writing, regardless of genre focus) is simply this: I write to entertain you, the discriminating reader of weird tales. And by entertain I mean that I intend to grab your eyeballs at the opening line of story and keep you amazed, amused, enthralled and enthused until that final closing sentence rings out like a gunshot.

Which is not to say that the themes with which I wrestle are irrelevant to the world-at-large (I write genre fiction with a decidedly interpretive literary bent); merely that plot, dialogue and action are written to suit the tale at hand. If you are looking for an easily pigeon-holed “voice” or cookie-cutter, mannered style that monotonously tick-tocks away story after story, please understand that I am not your particular cup of midnight-moon abattoir blood.

Also know this: I don’t write down. I understand that you, the genre reader, are amongst the most literate, omnivorously well-read and intelligent of all reading audiences. You are the smartest one in the room, not the author; and will always be treated as such by this humble hard-scribing servant of tales weirdling, wondrous and wild.

(Please know that in this endeavor I have ofttimes found my voice silenced by editors who, behind your reading back, O Peruser of Tales Eerie, Eldritch & Ecstatic, send out rejection notices that sound like this: “too literate for our audience”, “challenging material that will be hard to publish here”, and “we publish genre horror and fantasy, not stylized literary fiction”. So it goes . . . Heh!)

This site is very much a work-in-progress. I ask for your patience and indulgence as I fumblingly erect the scaffolding of a warm and welcoming home to all discerning readers of weird tales.

See you down the road a bit!

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Other Poetical Works

Lost, Succubus Seductress & The Crime of Frankenstein (these latter two poems part of the Shakespearean monster sonnet series)

Black Petals #97 (autumn 2021)

Vampiric Threnody and Ghost: A Working Definition (part of the Shakespearean monster sonnet series)

Black Petals #95 (Spring 2021)


‘Twas the Night Before Christmas; or, Hengar’s Story: A Tale of Terror & Mus Musculus Vengeance

Santa Claws is Coming to Deathlehem: An Anthology of Holiday Horrors for Charity

Inflections in Horror: The Weird Worlds of Carl E. Reed, vol. I.

Just released in time for Halloween! Ten chilling excursions into madness, mayhem & the macabre.

Published Fictions

Night Terror & Haunted House: The Rabbit Hole: vol. IV (Madness), 2021

The Rabbit Hole Volume Four: Weird stories Special issue: Madness by [Tom Wolosz, Atthys Gage, Curtis Bausse]

A Matter of Displacement — Sci-Fi Lampoon #2, winter 2020

Sci-Fi Lampoon Winter2020

Dinner at Winthrop’s: A Tale of Sufferance — The Rabbit Hole: vol. III (Weird Romance), 2020

My Review Policy

Folks, this is very simple: I will not review any work of yours sold through on Period, full-stop, the end. Nothing further to discuss.

I would further ask that if you know me (through online interaction or otherwise) you refrain from posting any review of my work found on

The only way I know to avoid the appearance of impropriety or a quid pro quo is to avoid reviewing anyone whose work is found for sale on on Amazon’s web site.

Spectral Realms journal

Spectral Realms No. 12

I am pleased to announce that I have placed poems in SPECTRAL REALMS journal, edited by the formidable S. T. Joshi. Huzzah!

issue #10 (Feb. 2019): One Who Walks Alone

issue #11 (July 2019): Eternal Lovers, Black-Tongue Kiss, Guillotined

issue #12 (Feb. 2020): The Philosophy & Aesthetics of Horror; Ode to the Great God Pan; Southern Gothic; or, Hillbilly Horror

issue #13 (July 2020): A Conspiracy Penetrated; Märchen; Dr. Ripper, I Presume?

issue #14 (Feb. 2021): Ave, Hell’s Angel!; The Appeals of Arienwen, Recruiter of Monsters; Lycanthropic Howl

issue #15 (July 2021): The Call of Lizzie, Shuffling Horror, Bat-winged Battle Cry

issue #16 (Feb. 2022): The Outsider, Father’s Bullet: A Tale of the Apocalypse, We Met in No Man’s Land

A link to my review of SPECTRAL REALMS issue #11 (which I was asked to write) that appeared on John (Ever-the-Gentleman) O’Neil’s Black Gate website can be found here:

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